Featured Fundraiser

Featured Fundraiser

Featured Fundraiser

Every month we will highlight a charity and fundraising event associated with that charity.  If you would like to get involved through volunteer efforts for that charity please reach out to us.  The charities we partner with to help are carefully vetted by our team to ensure we are giving back to those who need it most.  Your generosity will help them meet their fundraising initiatives.  Check out our featured charity below:

Shyne Early Childcare Center is a childcare center based on Norman, OK near the University of Oklahoma campus.  Founded by Sheila Clifton, her dream was to open a childcare center to focus on early intervention and to prepare children for school.  Many of their students are special needs children with disabilities.  Shyne uses structured readiness programs in music, movement and literature to help their children develop into different milestones to prepare them for education.

We have visited with Sheila and students and we can tell you first hand, the amazing work they are doing.  Our visits have been very emotional and the children uplift us like you won’t believe.  All of them are truly inspirational.  One thing that sets them apart…..they allow siblings of those with disabilities to attend as well to provide the most comfortable environment.  This also affords the parents their own time to help make a living in support of these children.  Of all the charities we have worked hard for, this one certainly tugs at our heartstrings.  They need our help.  The work they are doing is nothing short of miraculous and we need to help them fund more care for more children.  Please visit their website at www.shynechildcare.com to learn more about their mission.

Please see our featured fundraiser for them below.  Proceeds will go to Shyne in order to provide more resources to be able to take on more children.  If you are interested in seeing more or volunteering to help, please contact us

About Shyne Early Childhood Center Foundation - EIN 84-3938064

Shyne Early Childhood Center Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing quality early care and promote optimal development to special needs and typical developing children in an inclusive and stimulating environment. Shyne provides inclusive developmentally appropriate activities for children between the ages of 2 months through five years of age including learning through music and movement in the daily curriculum.