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Piggy Stardust

Did you know that pediatric brain cancer is the leading terminal cancer in children in the United States?  This dreaded disease needs everyone’s help and Piggy Stardust is doing their share.  Their fundraising efforts help alleviate the financial burdens families face when their children are stricken with this disease.  To date, Piggy Stardust has helped Hogs for the Cause raise close to $4 million in grants to give back to over 1000 families.  Their impact has been incredible but it can be much more.  Piggy Stardust is constantly looking for donations to help them work more barbecue competitions, which in turn helps raise much more money.  Our $30,000 fundraising donation helped fuel their annual event, which in turn will help alleviate the financial burdens of a few families battling this disease.  To find out more and how you can help please visit:



Piggy Stardust is a 501(c)(3) Hogs for the Cause organization based in New Orleans, LA.  Their current team is made up of 44 men and women who have a passion for cooking BBQ.  They utilize money they raise at BBQ competitions to help fight pediatric brain cancer. 

Shyne ChildCare Center

We have visited with Sheila and students and we can tell you first hand, the amazing work they are doing.  Our visits have been very emotional and the children uplift us like you won’t believe.  All of them are truly inspirational.  One thing that sets them apart…..they allow siblings of those with disabilities to attend as well to provide the most comfortable environment.  This also affords the parents their own time to help make a living in support of these children.  Of all the charities we have worked hard for, this one certainly tugs at our heartstrings.  They need our help.  The work they are doing is nothing short of miraculous and we need to help them fund more care for more children.  Please visit their website at www.shynechildcare.com to learn more about their mission.

Oneonta YMCA

It is likely that all of you have heard of the YMCA.  We all grew up likely attending one at some point for one reason or another.  These local fitness and recreation centers help bring health programs and a place to enjoy fitness for their entire local communities.  The Oneonta, NY YMCA is no exception. 

The reason we were attracted to this particular YMCA is based on location and the board members who run it.  Many businesses in New York suffered badly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and this particular YMCA was in jeopardy.  We wanted to step in and help after growing a close relationship with members of the board.  Our fundraising efforts helped us make a donation of $25,000 to help them get back on their feet with all of their programs.  This particular YMCA is tons of fun and are helping run some major events to raise additional money.  Are you a fan of country music?  Check out what they have going on here:


Country Roads Animal Rescue

Man’s (or woman’s) best friend.  Who doesn’t love a good dog to enrich your family?  Sadly, many of these adorable animals are euthanized, abandoned or mistreated every single year.  There are not enough resources to go around to help save them all.  We would like to think that can be changed.

We formed a strong relationship with Country Roads Animal Rescue Society, a 501(c)(3) based in Oklahoma.  Their passion for dogs is second to none and they are on a mission to help as many as they possibly can.  To date they have helped rescue over 4000 dogs and place them with loving families.  Donations are always needed for medicines, boarding and training these dogs to transition to a forever home.  Funds will only help them bring more abandoned dogs to their rescue and care for them.  We have worked with this organization on some fundraising initiatives and have raised over $20,000 to donate to their cause.  Please check them out below.  Warning….cuteness overload!


Fight for the Forgotten

Fight for the Forgotten has 2 major initiatives as part of their mission.  They are dedicated to defending the weak, loving the unloved, and empowering the voiceless around the world.  In a nutshell, they empower bullied or disabled individuals to have a voice and fight back in positive ways.  This same concept applies to the work they do with the indigenous people of West Africa. 

When you have some free time check out Justin’s podcasts to truly understand where his heart is.  We have been fortunate to spend some time with Justin and his energy is the most contagious energy we have felt.  You feel his heart and his passion.  We are so proud to call Justin a great friend of ours.  This organization is so close to our heart because we whole heartedly believe that bullying is the root cause of so many tragedies we see in the world.  It is time for that to end and empower these individuals to take control of their lives vs. heading down a path of destruction.  Our fundraising efforts helped us make a $25,000 donation to Justin and his organization to be utilized in Batwa, Uganda.

To learn more please check out Fight for the Forgotten here:


Fight for the Forgotten is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by UFC and Bellator Fighter, Justin Wren.  Known as the “Big Pygmy,” Justin has always had a passion for giving back.  This comes out in his relentless energy to help children.